Hospital of St. Sylvester,

St. Thomas and St. Anthony

(13th century)

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The hospital was probably founded by Bishop Guglielmo Della Torre (1197-1226) and was dedicated to St. Sylvester and St. Thomas. Up to the beginning of the 14th century it was probably managed by Benedictine Order, but by 1320 it passed to St. Anthony from Vienne Order – farther dedication to be added to the original one. Although this hospital is among the hospitalia antiqua (ancient hospitals) that the community wanted to aggregate in a single new hospital (St. Anne’s), this institution does appear neither in the unification papal bull granted by Paul II in 1468, nor in the similar measure issued by Sixtus IV in 1483. The hospital buildings were demolished during the first half of the 16th century whereas the church, granted to Carmelite Order in 1596, was rebuilt starting from 1610 and consequently enlarged by the end of the century. After the monastery had been suppressed in 1772, the buildings housed an orphanage for girls closed by 1786. You can still see the church, which was rebuilt in the following century, whereas in the 20th century it became a theatre and later on a cinema.



Main photo. St. Anthony’s church today

Below. S. De Magistris, St.Anthony healing a Possessed Woman, 1526 (Sorico, St. Miro’s church)

S. De Magistris, Sick People at St. Anthony’s Burial, 1526 (Sorico, St. Miro’s church)